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FORMULA 1, GRAND PRIX RUSSIA, MOSCOW & ST PETERSBURG Theme: Events Cities: Moscow St Petersburg Sochi Duration: 10 days Rate: from 129000 USD per person

Sochi has established itself as one of the country's top sporting destinations. It hosted Winter Olympics 2014. It hosted FIFA World Cup 2018. Since 2014, it is a home for Formula 1 Grand Prix Russia. Welcome to the subtropical Russian seaside resort, enjoy the race! Besides, a trip to F1 Russia is a great chance to explore Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia's must-see cities!

Shamans of Siberia Theme: Events Grade: Easy Duration: 7 days Rate: from 1246 USD per person

This is a unique opportunity to visit the most sacred and revered places in Siberia, where you will see the center of Buddhist culture, the famous Ustuu-Khuree Buddhist Temple, performance of traditional Tuvan throat singing, taste Tuvan national dishes and take part in the ceremony of Kamlaniye!

MOSCOW & SOCHI GRAND PRIX FORMULA 1 Theme: Events Cities: Moscow Sochi Duration: 7 days Rate: from 63375 USD per person

There is so much to explore in one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe: history, art, cuisine, culture and nightlife! Majestic Red Square and ancient St Basil’s Cathedral; the Bolshoi Theatre and the picturesque, panoramic views of the Moscow Kremlin; top museums. Then we take you to the Russian Riviera to visit Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sochi.

Novosibirsk, the Siberian style Theme: Events Grade: Easy Duration: 9 days Rate: from 781 USD per person

If you happen to be in Siberia, Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russian after Moscow and St.Petersburg. It is located in the southeast of Siberia, on the bank of the river Ob'. Apart of historical monuuments, Novosibirsk is a scientific centre of Russia and the cultural capital of Siberia. The guide will tell you about foundation of this first Soviet town of science and about today’s activity of the Siberian Department of Academy of Science.

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