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Trans Mongolian train tours and packages

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Here are the trips that match your criteria:

Grand Trans Siberian Tour Theme: Cruises & Rails Grade: Moderate Duration: 26 days Rate: from 4563 USD per person

Epic and world famous, the Trans-Siberian is an ultimate railway adventure! Start at the Russia’s cultural capital Saint Petersburg where you will enjoy the famous palaces, museums and amazing architecture, enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe of Moscow, make a stopover at on the borderline between Europe and Asia – city of Ekaterinburg, dip into crystal clear waters of Russia’s natural treasure, Baikal lake, and finish your journey in Vladivostok.

Trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing (or vice versa!) Theme: Cruises & Rails Grade: Easy Duration: 17 days Rate: from 3078 USD per person

The Trans-Mongolian railway is an ancient tea-caravan route, connecting China with Russia via Mongolia. This is a LEGO-STYLE TOUR. You choose the places, activities and attractions, we arrange it as one smooth-running epic journey.

Imperial Trans-Mongolian to Beijing Theme: Cruises & Rails Grade: Easy Duration: 15 days Tour Type: Group Tour Rate: 6842 USD per person

To understand Russia, one should cross it from the West to the East. And there is no better way to do it rather then to travel by the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, the most famous railway in the World and the path to the heart of Russia. You will see Russia in all its historical greatness, in the mixture of cultures and fortunes, in the architectural splendor and extravagance, diverse and united, unifying different people and religions.

Epic and world-famous, Trans-Mongolian (or Trans Siberian) railway holiday is the ultimate adventure! At the same time, travelling the Trans-Mongolian is safe, secure and reliable. Russian train system is one of few things working perfectly in Russia!

Start at Russia’s cultural capital, Saint Petersburg, where you will enjoy famous palaces, museums and some amazing architecture; enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe of Moscow; make a stopover at the border between Europe and Asia, the city of Ekaterinburg; take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Russia’s natural treasure, Baikal Lake; stay at the real Mongolian Ger exploring natural treasures of nomade country. And finish your journey in Beijing. It works the other way round too for travellers arriving by ferry or plane from Japan on their way from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth to Paris, London or Berlin in Europe. Trans Mongolian journeys start or end in Beijing, China and may include Mongolia exploration.

Choosing your perfect Trans- Mongolian Train may seem tricky at first. Here is some useful information about the two main options.

1) You may take one of the special tourist trains, which have just a few scheduled group departures per year. These are express sleeper trains that make only brief stops at the cities en route, and your nights of accommodation are spent on the train, in a compartment. On these tourist trains, you travel with a group of 120-150 other international travelers. Prices start from 5350 EUR/8250 AUD/6300 USD for a 2-berth compartment.

2) There are daily Russian trains. With this option, you have the flexibility and freedom to choose your dates of travel and enjoy your own, custom-made itinerary, focusing on your interests. We at Discovery Russia are always happy to provide recommendations to you to help you choose a tried and tested, or a brand new itinerary. English-speaking guides and tours are available at every location you visit. Rates start from AUD 3250.

How much do our Trans-Mongolian packages cost? Well, that largely depends on you. You may choose 3* or 5* hotels, first class compartment for two, or for a hard sleeper; you may choose ten stops or no stops on the way; and you may travel for as long as your Russian visa is valid.

Contact a Discovery Russia Travel Expert now to find out about our sample itineraries and our upcoming group tours; or to tailor your Trans-Mongolian trip. Your itinerary can include everything you really want to see, or you may travel without any specific plan in mind.

Creating your own Trans-Mongolian journey, we blend cities and villages, and cultural sightseeing with our experienced English-speaking guides, and active tours around the most fascinating places, across Russia and Monglia ending your magnificent journey in spendid Beijing.
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