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Here are the trips that match your criteria:

Altai Golden Ring Theme: Adventures Grade: Medium Duration: 12 days Rate: from 2155 USD per person

This tour makes a big circle around the whole Altai region, and is an all-in-one adventure. See the UNESCO World Heritage site of Altai's natural diversity, that you will experience by boat, car and on foot; the beauty of the biggest river of the Altai Mountains—Katun; and the touch of the ancient Altai culture most apparent during original performances by throat singers and local musicians. Visit the middle of Asia, discover the undiscovered!

Aktru Valley Trek Theme: Wildlife & Nature Grade: Moderate Duration: 8 days Rate: from 560 USD per person

Southern Altai is a hidden jem of our Siberian collection. Remote and wild, this destination remains undiscovered for international travelers even in comparison to the neighbouring Mongolia. Those who endevour will find themselves in the middle of pristine natural beauty. This drive-n-stay tour is a perfect opportunity to explore the whole Altai and to see its highlights, from pine-hardwood forests growing like a narrow strip along the valley of the Katun river, to Mongolian steppe landscapes of the Kurai crater , from mountain taiga forests to snow-ice deserts of alpine zone.

Shamans of Siberia Theme: Events Grade: Easy Duration: 7 days Rate: from 1020 USD per person

This is a unique opportunity to visit the most sacred and revered places in Siberia, where you will see the center of Buddhist culture, the famous Ustuu-Khuree Buddhist Temple, performance of traditional Tuvan throat singing, taste Tuvan national dishes and take part in the ceremony of Kamlaniye!

Horse-riding tour to the Ukok Plateau Theme: Wildlife & Nature Grade: Challenging Duration: 15 days Rate: from 1095 USD per person

The Ukok Plateau is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas in the mountains of Altai. You will experience the real mystery of Altai and feel its ancient legends. The Ukok Plateau, which is 2,150 m above sea level, is a place where you will find an oasis of unrivalled natural beauty, peace, tranquility and no mobile coverage. And more, there are also unique archaeological sites and horses!

Tales of Tobolsk Theme: Heritage Grade: Easy Duration: 3 days Rate: from 269 USD per person

Tobolsk is one of the most picturesque cities in Siberia and it is half a day drive from Ekaterinburg, FIFA-2018 Host City. No other city in Siberia can rival Tobolsk in its historical glory. The white stone Kremlin with towers and cathedrals stands on a hill, on the right bank of the Irtysh River. It is visible from miles away for travelers. The city is all about stunnig views, churches and interesting monuments of civil architecture. Besides,Tobolsk Kremlin is the only stone fortress in Siberia.

Novosibirsk, the Siberian style Theme: Events Grade: Easy Duration: 9 days Rate: from 836 USD per person

If you happen to be in Siberia, Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russian after Moscow and St.Petersburg. It is located in the southeast of Siberia, on the bank of the river Ob'. Apart of historical monuuments, Novosibirsk is a scientific centre of Russia and the cultural capital of Siberia. The guide will tell you about foundation of this first Soviet town of science and about today’s activity of the Siberian Department of Academy of Science.

New Year, the Siberian style Theme: The Snow Empire Grade: Completely easy Duration: 6 days Rate: from 730 USD per person

Without a doubt, New Year is the most important holiday of the year for Russians. This year at Novosibirsk we have planned a special programme of cultural activities fo you to explore. Don't miss our excursion to the incredible Baikal ake land discover all its secrets!

The Best of Siberia: Baikal and Altai Theme: Adventures Grade: Easy Duration: 14 days Rate: from 1431 USD per person

During this extraordinary journey to very special, unique places you will get to know the beautiful, largest freshwater lake in the world , Baikal, and the mighty Altai Mountains, old Irkutsk town and scientific center of Russia, Novosibirsk. You will ride by the famous Trans-Siberian train, you will see Siberian countryside and you will definitely enjoy the hospitality of Siberian people!

Aquaintance with Altai Theme: Wildlife & Nature Grade: Easy Duration: 8 days Rate: from 704 USD per person

You will have plenty of opportunities to see and enjoy the extraordinary landscapes: the Teletskoye lake, home of V. M. Shukshin, National Museum. A. V. Anokhin, Karatash, waterfalls Korbu, Silver Spring and other amazing places!

Lake Baikal Volunteer Program Theme: Volunteering Grade: Daring Duration: 14 days Rate: from 1178 USD per person

This is a great option to visit and experience the heart of Siberia, Lake Baikal. It’s your opportunity to invest in our common future, and unite our efforts to protect the fragile environment. Lake Baikal Volunteers construct a system of eco-trails around the deepest and oldest lake in the world to allow visitors to enjoy all the beauty of this place without making any harm to the nature.

Off-road adventures in the Altai Mountains Theme: Sports Grade: Moderate Duration: 7 days Rate: from 4264 USD per person

Land Rover Defender will get you deep into the wilderness of Altai Mountains. Altai is one of the least known and most curious corners of Russia. Surrounded by four oceans, it lies at the crossroads of Mongolian and Turkic worlds, and contains all the secrets of the centuries-old history: overgrown enclosures, ancient nomadic idols and stone statues, the settlements of the Siberian shamans with deep-rooted ancestral tradition... Altai is proud of its marvelous landscape - limpid rivers, high-mountain meadows, covered with green forest of evergreen trees.

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