Kizhi Island is a remote yet well-travelled destination thanks to its absolutely amazing, fantastically well preserved examples of wooded architecture.


Kizhi Island is located at pristine and beautiful place, hundreds of picturesque islands and gulfs surround this mystical place. Twisting coastlines, rocks with pine trees at the tops, multi-colored meadows framed by deep blue waters of Onega Lake – all this makes Kizhi Island more than just the largest in Russia open-air museum of wooden architecture. It is also one of the most beautiful places of the Russian North where time is frozen and where that enigmatic something called "the Russian soul" is most felt.


The legend says that a single axe and not a single nail was used by an artist named Nestor. Once he finished, he had thrown the axe away into the waters of Onega Lake, saying: “Master Nestor has made it. There has not been anything like this before and will never be. And this axe will not be found either”.


Daily onboard activities include: Russian language and songs lessons, Captain’s Bridge tour, St. Petersburg program briefing, lectures on Russian history and fairytales, piano music, Pirate’s games and Pirates’ dinner onboard, movie, live music and dances in the evening while we sail further to Mandrogi village.

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