Grand Lake Baikal Adventure: Siberian summer

From: Irkutsk To: Irkutsk Theme: Wildlife & Nature Grade: Moderate Season: June-August Destination: Lake Baikal Rate from 1920 USD

Irkutsk was founded in the middle of the XVIIth century. The town is famous for its wooden houses and wooden lace perfectly preserved. Also, it is a gate to Lake Baikal—the largest and deepest fresh water lake in the world,. Baikal contains 20% of our planet’s fresh waters! This tour combines classic Baikal adventures and a trip deep into taiga, to hide away in a very remote and isolated manor, accessible only by a 4X4 or a helicopter. Russian bears inhabit the area in abundance and you will have a guaranteed and safe bear viewing in the wilderness.


  • Admire Irkutsk's famous wooden lace and historical sites

  • Meet Buryat people, taste local food and meet the Buddist Lama

  • See the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the world

  • Visit the museum of wooden architecture

  • Taste real Siberian food and drinks

  • See Russian bears in the wilderness

  • Learn about Baikal lake beliefs and traditions

  • Ride on Circum-Baikal railroad

  • Baikal activities: fishing, BBQ, local vodka tasting and cruising



  • Accommodation as per program, hotels in Irkusts and Lustvyanka, HUnget's Lodge in the taiga

  • Ground transportation as per program

  • Meals as per program, including local specialties

  • English-speaking guide

  • Guaranteed bear-viewing

  • Great fishing

  • Cultural tours and excursions

  • Russian "banya"

  • Visit to a Shaman

  • Wolf dance and music performance

  • Lake Baikal cruise

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Extra cost, pp: 197 USD

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