Northern Urals Heli Fishing and Rafting Tour

From: Moscow/St. Petersburg To: Nyagan Theme: Sports Grade: Comfortable extreme Season: July-September Destination: Ural Rate from 4710 USD

FIFA-2018 travel ideas: the nearest FIFA host city YEKATERINBURG is 650 km south, just 1 hour flight or 17 hours by train across the beauty of Ural mountains. This is not just a fishing. This is a Russian Trophy Fishing Expedition! Catamaran rafting, fishing and active travel across the Northern Urals.

  • Return helicopter transfer to the fishing grounds

  • Catamaran rafting, fishing and active travel across the Northern Urals.

  • Active adventures

  • 7 days in in the lost world between Europe and Asia

  • Specialities of small northern Russian nations

  • Team leader: professional survival guide and brand chef.

  • Premium trophy northern pike fishing


TIMING. Helicopter will deliver you in 1 h 40 minutes to the places which would otherwise require 3-4 days of kayaking/rafting to get to. Six full days of fishing! SAFETY. Our team, equipment and itinerary we will be checked-in with the Ministry of Emergencies to guarantee our safety, and we have satellite phones connection. PRIVILEGE OF PRIVACY: we choose the starting point based on season, current weather and the expert knowledge of ou certified guides. Your travel is up-to-date and there will be not “previous group” who has fished here right before you.


  • All the camping equipment: satellites, ratio, GPS etc.

  • Russian banya

  • Professional survival guide and brand chef

  • All meals

  • Helicopter ride from/to Nyagan

  • We do not wait for fish to come, we chase it!

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