From: St Peterburg To: Golden Ring Theme: The Snow Empire Grade: Easy Season: December-February Destination: Saint Petersburg Rate from 3238 USD per person

Winter is a very special time to Russia and its people. You will see a good part of the world's largest country covered with snow and ice - it feels like stepping into a famous Russian novel. You will experience the winter in both of hte Snow Empire’s two capitals, the magnificent Imperial City of St. Petersburg and vibrant Moscow, you will travel back in times to Russia's oldest town and visit all the highlighst of the famous Golden Ring towns!


Celebrate New Year in Saint Petersburg. Visit ancient Veliky Novgorod and picturesque Old Russa town where Feodor Dostoevsky wrote his famous novels. Then, go to Moscow to explore the Russian capital. And finally, see remarkables small town of the Golden Ring, the best of the best, carefully selected for you! All services are private, you are not bounded by the itinerary and a bus leaving in 5 minutes. You do not wait for that guy who has just forgotten his passport in a hotel. You do not waste your time on this. You spend your holidays in Russia wisely.

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Stalin’s “DATCHA” and WWII museum

This was the place where Stalin lived for over twenty years, the place that saw many famous people and so many historic decisions made within these modest walls surrounded by a high, green fence. And the place where Stalin died. Visit to nearby Poklonnaya Hill which has a great open air military museum

Extra cost, pp: 210 USD


Before opening hours private visit to the Hermitage

Feel like a member of Imperial Family of that times. Only you - and the magnificent Hermitage...Private guidance around one of the world's most acclaimed museums, the the palace is a brilliant example of the synthesis of architecture and decorative plastic art.

Extra cost, pp: 68 USD


Be a pilot

FLY MOSCOW AEROGRAD KOLOMNA is Europe's largest dropzone specializing on skydiving and tandem skidiving. New and morern equipment as your disposal as well as over 10 years of experience and dedicated service. Endless views of vast Russian plains and clear blue skies are all yours.

Extra cost, pp: 368 USD


Bunker-42 Nuclear Forces Center

Visit the command post of Long-range air force (Strategic nuclear forces of Soviet Union), a town donw under, 65 meters below the gound level right in the heart of Moscow! See the table where the Carriean Crisis was being resolved and classifed Russian military equipment: no photos in restricted areas!

Extra cost, pp: 59 USD


Cessna-172S flight

A great idea to surprise your party! If you are travelling as couple and have a date to celepbrate, or just feeling blue - take a flight over Moscow on Cessnta-172S!

Extra cost, pp: 355 USD


Sky Dine

SKY DINE on the top of Ostankino TV Tower! Enjoy the bird's eye view of the Russian capital and gourmet evening. Try famous moving floors to get 360 degree view!

Extra cost, pp: 39 USD


Ride the famous T-55 or T-62 tank

If you are interested in the history of tanks, or simply want to know more about this world-famous Russian feature, just go on a test drive! We are sure that you will like the van.

Extra cost, pp: 1578 USD


Visit top art museums of Russian capital

Cultural Day in Moscow: visit Tretyakov State Art Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, ride Moscow metro, visit Cathedral of Chirst the Saviour all in one day, full of Russian impressions (guided tour). End the day at famous Arbat street and discover Russia from inside.

Extra cost, pp: 175 USD



  • Meet at greet at the airport of St. Petersburg

  • Accommodation, centrally located and carefulle selected hotel, breakfast included

  • Dedicated private local English-speaking guide in Moscow and St. Petersburg

  • Dedicated English-speaking guide on Golden Ring tour.

  • Tickets to all listed attractions

  • All guided tours as specified

  • Private transportation as per program

  • St. Petersburg-Moscow intercity high-speed train SAPSAN, one way

  • Full metro/public transport passes in Moscow and St. Petesburg. We strongly recommend this fastest means of transport for big cities during peak season of winter holidays

  • Private sightseeing tours as specified

  • Dedicated English-speaking guide on Veliky Novgorod tour

  • Russian visa supporting documents

  • 24/7 English-speaking support line in Russia

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